Investor Services

Available Transaction Analysis Markets:

  • Source-to-pay (S2P)
  • Services Procurement
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Contract/Commercial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Trade Financing

Transaction and Due Diligence Support

Spend Matters enables you to make optimal decisions by leveraging proprietary, SolutionMap data-based procurement research, connections and technology expertise. As the primary source for procurement investment intelligence, Spend Matters engages around due diligence, acquisition screening, partnership development and new market exploration.

Leverage SolutionMap’s unparalleled market intelligence to inform your next transaction – fast.

Available Transaction and Due Diligence Services

Programs are typically centered on transaction-specific advisory, but can start at the investigatory phase of interest if you want to ‘get smart’ on procurement solutions and adjacent markets as quickly as possible. Spend Matters also works on sell-side initiatives (typically for long-term clients).

Knowledge Acceleration Solutions*
  • Short-term Spend Matters PRO access for landscape, market and competitive understanding
  • Short-term Spend Matters SolutionMap Insider access for comparative module and suite solution analysis
  • Landscape overview documentation
  • Executive briefings and "101" materials on all sectors and sub-sectors of covered markets
  • "On-call" advisory expertise (requires Spend Matters PRO or SolutionMap subscription)

* Often pre-letter of intent (pre-LOI), these services can be “turned-on” immediately and are typically provided over a 1-2 week duration

Post-LOI Services**
Bespoke post-LOI services may encompass but aren’t limited to:
  • Highly granular, proprietary solution and peer benchmarking (solution and functional capability) analysis to answer: "how good is the provider/solution, really?"
  • Comparative customer satisfaction analysis (based on the SolutionMap benchmarks across 20+ metrics + qualitative insights), including net promoter score, ROI, TCO, innovation, etc.
  • Detailed landscape, market and competitive analysis
  • Company performance analysis
  • Product strategy analysis
  • Positioning analysis
  • Demand drivers
  • Growth/headwind analysis
  • M&A/tuck-in recommendations
  • Market sizing and forecasting
  • Technology stack/architecture analysis (including but not limited to code analysis, development process, scalability opinions, documentation, licensing, etc.)

** Proprietary analysis (under exclusivity with a single client) is typically provided over a 2-6 week duration

Continuous Market Intelligence

This program includes access to published Spend Matters research (updated daily on weekdays), scheduled briefings with analysts and market insight delivered as part of an annual subscription.

Unleash SolutionMap’s Unrivaled Intelligence
to Inform Your Next Transaction - Fast!

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