In Case You Missed It … P2P Market Roundup

We can't comment on every press release that hits our desks, but here are a few market news stories this week that we thought we should bring to your attention, and some of our own you may have missed - we'll have more from our analysts in the coming days  ... The Smart Cube Launches Amplifi PRO Global provider of research and analytics solutions, The Smart Cube, has launched Amplifi PRO, in response to customer demand to create a client-facing digital platform to strengthen its existing solutions. The new digital platform provides category managers with ‘essential market intelligence’ and ‘access to useful decision-making tools.’ Pierre Mitchell, Spend Matters Chief Research Officer, said: “Every enterprise procurement organisation needs a centre-of-excellence focused on supply market intelligence, but no organisation should be cobbling this together with backward-looking ad hoc market reports.  Real intelligence is built upon timely insights derived from deep data by [...]

Public Spend Forum – Public Procurement Highlights from this Week

Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. It tackles universal public procurement issues and on its website you will find articles, podcasts, opinion pieces, community notices, discussion trails and news stories. Some are country-specific, others global. Stories this week ... How to Buy Agile Development & Agile Consulting Services Agile development is a hot topic today, given the pace of technological and social change. Public sector organisations have recognised its value as a replacement for traditional software development models like waterfall. But while the appreciation for agile has been firmly established, procuring agile services is another matter. Public Spend Forum and agile procurement expert Jonathan Mostowski provide an overview of agile development and agile consulting and a discussion of how these items can best be procured through government contracting. Watch the recording here. 7 [...]