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Afternoon Coffee: Walmart Requires Produce Suppliers to Join Blockchain, Human Rights Abuses Put South American Gold Supply Chain at Risk

Walmart issued a letter to suppliers Monday explaining that direct suppliers of lettuce, spinach and other greens must join its food-tracking blockchain by Jan. 31, 2019. Poor monitoring and prosecution of illegal activity in several South American countries has led to rising risk in global gold supply chains. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

Afternoon Coffee: Intel Chip Shortage Strains Tech Sector, New Tariffs on Chinese Goods Take Effect

Intel’s manufacturing capacity can’t keep up with increasing demand from customers, leading to a shortage of CPU chips. The U.S.-China trade war escalated again Monday, as U.S. tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and retaliatory tariffs by Beijing on $60 billion worth of U.S. products took effect. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

Highlights from ADP Analyst Day: It’s Not All Permanent, It’s Also Contingent


Spend Matters attended ADP Analyst Day last week, held at the ADP Innovation Lab in New York City. At more than $13 billion in annual revenue, ADP is the largest provider of payroll services and one of the largest providers of human capital management (HCM) solutions in the world. Over the past six decades, ADP built its business on the basis of the permanent W2 employee workforce. But as we all know, nothing is permanent — particularly in workforce, where for businesses and workers things are becoming increasingly contingent. And ADP, which acquired WorkMarket earlier this year, is clearly rising to meet the changes in the market, on both the business and worker side. As you might expect, this is not a casual undertaking for ADP but a studied, strategic initiative now moving into gear.

Afternoon Coffee: Tesla’s VP of Supply Management Exits, Periscope Holdings Launches Rebuilt BidSync Tool With AI

Liam O’Connor, vice president of global supply management at Tesla, has resigned from the electric car maker, unnamed sources told Bloomberg. Government procurement technology provider Periscope Holdings announced Friday the launch of its rebuilt BidSync, a supplier application that uses machine-learning to “deliver the most relevant, winnable government opportunities for each user.” Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

Commodities Roundup: Catalytic Converter Thefts, A $200 Billion Tariff Announcement

For the buyers and category managers out there, especially those of you deep in the weeds of buying and managing commodities, here’s a quick rundown of news and thoughts from particular commodity markets. From price movements to policy decisions, our MetalMiner editors scour the landscape for what mattered this week.

Afternoon Coffee: Amazon to Open 3,000 Cashierless Stores by 2021, Apple Simplifies Supply Chain to Favor iPhone XS

Amazon is pushing its brick-and-mortar retail store AmazonGo from concept to a nationwide convenience. As Bloomberg reports, the e-commerce giant is considering a plan to open as many as 3,000 new cashierless stores in the next few years. Apple is letting its sales strategy lead a reprioritization of its supply chain. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

Afternoon Coffee: Mars Aims to Fix ‘Broken’ Global Supply Chain, North Carolina Ports Delay Reopening

Mars reiterated Wednesday its commitment to changing the way it approaches environmental sustainability, particularly in how the company manages its global supply chain. Two North Carolina ports shut down by Hurricane Florence, the Ports of Wilmington and Morehead City, will remain closed longer than expected. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

Supply Chain Disruption and Customer Viability Top Finance Leaders’ Risk Management Worries

Finance departments are struggling to manage risk, a recent report from Dun & Bradstreet finds, and many finance leaders “believe their own efforts to manage, monitor and predict risk pose a moderate to high risk to their businesses.” In order to find out how today’s finance leaders are managing risk and what their future risk management plans look like, earlier this year Dun & Bradstreet commissioned a study of approximately 1,100 finance professionals, the vast majority of whom were based in the U.S.

GHX’s Purchase of Medical Columbus is a Blueprint for Global Expansion and Future Acquisitions

Although disruption may be a popular buzzword in boardrooms, one of the more striking features of business today — especially in healthcare — is the entrenchment of the established order. So, when a relative youngster like the Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) quickly finds its way into “the club" (and is changing the way business is conducted), it's notable. Having successfully planted itself as a connector and enabler of business between increasingly supersized health systems and an even more powerful supply side, GHX has done just that. 

Afternoon Coffee: U.S. to Impose Another $200 Billion of Tariffs on China, E.U. Investigates ‘Collusion’ Between German Car Manufacturers

President Trump announced Monday the latest escalation in the U.S.-China trade war: new tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods and a threat to tax all imports. Volkswagen may not have been alone in its attempts to thwart vehicle emissions tests, according to the European Union’s antirust body. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

Afternoon Coffee: Trump Warns of Further Tariffs Actions ‘Soon,’ DocuSign Launches Ethereum Integration

President Trump said Monday that countries that do not agree to his trade demands will be “tariffed,” supporting expectations that he will move forward with an additional $200 billion of duties on Chinese goods. DocuSign has launched an integration with the Ethereum blockchain as part of its fall 2018 release. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

Project Management and Market Analysis Rank Among Most In-Demand Consulting Skills


Business Talent Group recently released its inaugural Skills Index on the consulting skills that are the most in demand by Fortune 1000 companies, and project management, market analysis and growth strategy top the list. With skills scarcities affecting many big global companies, it’s a good time for consultants to market specialties such as these through the high-end gig economy, according to the study. The Skills Index further detailed the top three most in-demand consultant skills by industry. Market analysis, project management and strategic planning are the most sought-after in the financial services industry, while supply chain is the No. 1 in-demand skill for the consumer goods industry. Market analysis and project management come in second and third.