Afternoon Coffee: Holiday Hiring Ramps Up Early, Chicago Leads Warehousing Boom

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The pace of hiring for the temporary holiday workforce is ramping up earlier and faster than ever this year. Meanwhile, the greater Chicago area has been the sight of much of the logistics boom spurred by the growth of e-commerce retailers such as Amazon. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) — Low-Hanging Fruit

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I’ll never forget the reaction of my sales manager when I brought him news of my first significant piece of business. “Congratulations, Tom, but you need to know that the real sales process begins after you get the P.O.!” The review and preparation of contracts central to any business relationship involves a myriad of complexities that rely on legal expertise and oversight. All of those meetings, followed by the work to author “the agreement,” require detailed and sophisticated legal understanding of the applicable laws. Is this still the case? For one-off, special arrangements, there’s no question about it. But for the vast majority of supplier contracts, the effort has been reduced to an increasingly obvious and unnecessary waste of time.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement