Afternoon Coffee: Boeing Co. Under Scrutiny for Corner-Cutting; Nike Adopts Shorter Lead Times

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Some lawmakers in Washington are now questioning whether Boeing has been cutting corners when it comes to safety, after two recent fatal 737 MAX jetliner crashes. President Trump's metals tariffs celebrate their first birthday today. And Nike posted a revenue increase of 7% in 2018 without increasing its inventory by a substantial amount. Afternoon Coffee: bringing you the latest procurement and supply chain news.

UX, Blockchain, IoT: The Future of Procurement Technology Unfolds at BearingPoint Speakers’ Series

Blockchain experts David Carmen, from left, Hannah Rosenberg, Dan Spillane, Dmitry Tyomkin and Luke Sully speak March 21, 2019, at a technology event in Chicago. (JP Morris photo / Spend Matters)

Imagine ordering a replacement part with your camera, or having your IoT devices order supplies themselves, or just telling your chatbot assistant to assess and restock your inventory while you work on another project. Those digital-assisted feats aren’t futuristic. They’re already happening — but we’ll be seeing more uses of them in procurement as the digital transformation continues to evolve, according to speakers last week at a daylong discussion called Digital Procurement: Beyond the IT Landscape. Subjects ranged from blockchain and the internet of things (IoT) to process mining and best practices for digital implementation.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement